Instagram Made Me Watch Blood Sisters, and It Wasn’t Bad

Chineze Aina
6 min readMay 18, 2022

If you are Nigerian, you probably already watched it. I know, peer pressure is a real thing right?

Blood Sisters is a Netflix original series that many Nigerians are talking on Instagram about and streaming on Netflix at the moment. I saw better reviews than bad, and that convinced me to watch.

I told my husband on a Friday night about the new Mo Abudu movie I heard about, but because of the bloody fiasco with “Çhief Daddy” we were at first reluctant to watch Blood Sisters. However, reading all the reviews and praises on Instagram persuaded me head to the streaming platform to get entertained too.

When I woke the next morning, he had already started watching because he went to Instagram as well, and assured me it hasn't been bad so far. He was already in episode three and offered to go back so I can start from episode 1, but there is something about me and Nollywood movies, I usually don't feel that I ll miss out on anything.

We ended up binge-watched the show the whole day. The next day, I went back to Netflix to watch the episodes I missed. Haha.

A blood sister is a birth sister or a woman, who has sworn to treat another as a sister.

There is another popular old Nollywood movie titled “Blood Sisters.” But in that one there are more negative emotions between the blood sisters. This new Blood Sister series promotes loyalty and devotion.

This review will include spoilers. But I am not sorry because “Instagram”, Twitter and Youtube will help you.

I leave out many ‘important parts’ of the story. Forgive me, there too many scenes and characters. Go and watch it yourself.

The Plot

Two young women are involved in the death of a young man from an influential family, and are on the run. The cut off his head — well and buried him in a shallow grave — apparently this isn't such a hard thing to do.



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